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    Posted by Jody Sause on Nov 18, 2016 8:13:19 AM
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    Technology is great.  The internet has given us access to a wealth of knowledge and services at our fingertips.  We all can hop online to shop, do our banking, pay bills, order food and do just about anything else under the sun.  So now, I ask you a simple question…how long has it been since you spoke to your sales rep?  Really spoke to them?  Not just a quick call to check an order status or find out how to do something on the website.  If I’m correct, and I usually am (if I do say so myself), it’s been a while.  And what’s wrong with that, you ask?

    Your sales representative is a wealth of knowledge in their own right.  They know things that aren’t on our website yet.  You want to find out what new products are coming out soon?  Ask your sales rep.  Because we won’t be advertising them until they’re in stock.  You want to get more info on promotions?  They’ll be able to tell you about ongoing AND upcoming promotions.  Basically, they are your source of inside knowledge.

    Besides new products and promotions, your sales rep can tell you everything you need to know about many things:

    • Daily deals
    • Unadvertised specials
    • Financing opportunities
    • Events
    • Warranty and repair info
    • Helpful features or services we offer
    • Where to find videos and training materials

    …and more.

    At ISN, we’re all about growth, especially YOUR growth.  Keeping in contact with your sales representative helps you build a relationship with them.  Over time, they’ll know your business nearly as well as you do.  They’ll be able to suggest new products that they know will sell in your store or on your truck.  They’ll reach out to you when a promotion comes up that will save you some money.  Their goal is to help you get a better return on your investment. 

    And that’s why your sales rep is one of your Tools for Growth.

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